Who is All City Wheels?

All City Wheels was founded in 2016 because of a conversation I had with the owner of Race Star Wheels at the coffee shop. He started talking about how nice it would be to have a dealer in the same town where Race Star is located. After much discussion took place and several weeks later it was decided to open All City Wheels. We are a family run business in a small town environment.

Why Racestar Industries?

Why choose Race Star Industries? Race Star Industries produces a top of the line product with much research and development going into every wheel. From beginning to end every wheel is inspect down to the smallest detail. Nothing slips through the cracks so you can expect the best with every purchase. Race Star Industries is still a young upcoming company that is gaining popularity every year as more and more people love the style, design, and quality.

Why Choose Us?

Location We are located within a few miles of Race Star Industries giving you extremely fast shipping from the Midwest.
Service We sell ONLY top quality products with customer service that are trained and understand what we sell.
Price!!! We don’t guarantee to be the lowest price around but do offer specials on our wheels and products regularly.

What Our Customers Are Saying ..