92 Drag Star

Dark Star

92 Drag Star


34 Rattler

Available in Two Toned Metallic Grey or Polished

Designed for 4-Lug Hondas and Fox Body Mustangs

93 Truck Star

Available in Black Chrome or Chrome Finish

95 Recluse

Available in Chrome, Black Chrome & Metallic Gray w/Machined Face

Contact Us: 816-985-3109

"We are a supplier of High Performance Race Star alloy wheels for passenger automobiles and a variety of racing vehicles, located in the Kansas City area. Our wheels are no weld, cast aluminum alloy and engineered to truly fit the popular LS1 F-Body, S197 Mustang GT applications and all the early and late model muscle cars with no brake caliper modifications.
The 92 Drag Star and the Dark Star designs commemorate our commitment to true street and drag strip performance wheels offering light weight, cutting edge design wheels at an affordable price with true out of the box direct fit applications."

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